At Tropical Supply, we believe in staying up to date with the latest developments in the HVAC industry to provide our customers with the most efficient and innovative solutions. Today, we want to shed light on the new legislation surrounding SEER2, a recently implemented standard efficiency metric for heat pump and straight cool systems. This blog post will explain what SEER2 is and how it enhances energy efficiency for HVAC installations.


What is SEER2?

SEER2, the new standard efficiency metric, came into effect on January 1, 2023. It introduces stricter testing procedures compared to the normal SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The aim is to lower the SEER2 number to better replicate real-life installation environments. It’s important to note that the lower SEER2 number does not mean a decrease in efficiency. In fact, the new standards are designed to increase efficiency overall.


SEER2: Accuracy and Energy Efficiency

SEER2 is a significant step forward in accurately reflecting the energy efficiency of heat pump and straight cool systems. The revised testing procedures take into account various installation factors, such as ductwork, insulation, and climate conditions, to provide a more realistic representation of how the system will perform in real-life scenarios.

By better aligning the SEER2 rating with actual installation environments, customers can make more informed decisions when choosing HVAC systems. The lower SEER2 number accounts for the energy losses that may occur due to these factors, ensuring that the system’s performance aligns with the expectations of homeowners and businesses.


Benefits of SEER2

While the SEER2 number may be lower compared to the standard SEER rating, it’s important to understand that this change does not imply a decrease in efficiency. On the contrary, the revised SEER2 standards lead to increased accuracy and improved energy efficiency. By factoring in real-world installation conditions, SEER2 allows consumers to have a more accurate understanding of how their HVAC system will perform and its energy-saving potential.


Tropical Supply: Your Partner in Efficient HVAC Solutions

At Tropical Supply, we are committed to providing our customers with the latest and most efficient HVAC solutions. Our team of experts is well-versed in the new SEER2 standards and can guide you in choosing the ideal heat pump or straight cool system for your specific needs.

The introduction of SEER2 as the new standard efficiency metric for heat pump and straight cool systems marks a positive shift towards more accurate and energy-efficient HVAC installations. Understanding the changes brought about by SEER2 allows customers to make informed decisions and reap the benefits of increased efficiency.

At Tropical Supply, we remain dedicated to delivering cutting-edge HVAC solutions that align with these new standards, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings for our valued customers. Contact us today.