Shipping Disclaimer

Tropical Supply will hire a 3rd party Freight to ship out your order. Carefully read the process below for information on your order.

Email: shipping@tropicalsupply.us

Phone: (863) 576-5413

We at Tropical Supply hire a 3rd party Freight Company to ship out your order, for your delivery requirements a signature/appointment on all shipment must be made. That means upon receiving your tracking number it is your responsible to track your order and CALL FOR AN APPIOTMENT with the Freight carrier for your item to be delivered. This step is MANDATORY, it will give you the opportunity to be present to inspect your order. We highly encourage you to take the time to fully inspect items at time of delivery. Please do your best to inspect your product, be sure you open and inspect ALL your items, check that you’ve received all expected items and ensure that there aren’t any damages that could not be detected at delivery. You may notate any MINOR damages on the signed delivery slip to process a claim. For MAJOR visual damages upon onsite delivery, PLEASE refuse the shipment with our third-party shipper immediately and reject the onsite delivery. What this does, is clears you (our customer) of signing, accepting, and acknowledging any damaged equipment/items. REMINDER, when you refuse a shipment at time of delivery, the Freight is responsible to send back the items to our warehouse. Once, we receive your damaged items, we will order a new replacement item and will send it out right away. Also note, we do our best to ship out items right away, but it’s all based on our Distributer’s availability.

If our customer signs for items free of any damages at time of delivery, customer is acknowledging and stating that items delivered are free and clear of any damages. When our customer is unable to be on-site for delivery and leave a note for the driver to leave your order at your location, YOUR NOTE IS A SIGNED CLEARED DELIVERY in which you are clearing the Seller (Tropical Supply and Third Part Shipper) of any responsibility pertaining to your order/claim. Tropical Supply will not submit any freight claims on your behalf when the customer accepts and/or signs a clear delivery, we will not compensate any items or reship a new product. There will only be a 3-day window to process a claim after delivery AND notations are made on the signed delivery slip. How to process a claim? To get started call us at (863)576-5413 and email: claims@tropicalsupply.us We will investigate all claims in a timely manner and email updated response from the 3rd party freight on any approved or denied claims. Please keep in mind, we do not make these decisions and your part will determine the outcome.