Get Quality And Durable Pool Heaters

Few things compare to jumping into an excellent refreshing pool on a scorching summer’s day. But on a hot summer day, few things beat jumping into a substantial refreshing pool. On the other hand, pool heaters can keep your pool water stable, primarily if you use it all year in states like Auburndale, FL. Pool water does not have to be ice cold to be vital. While pool heaters will not transform your pool into a jacuzzi, they will provide some warmth to make it more enjoyable and comfortable to hang out in during the more relaxed summer afternoons. Shop pool heaters today at Tropical Supply LLC to make your swimming entertaining.

Which Types of Pool Heaters Do We Offer?

At Tropical Supply LLC, we have partnered with Pool heater companies in Auburndale, FL, to provide you with Pool heaters that come in two varieties: electric and gas. Both operate in unique ways and get along well with other pool owners. The heaters come with specifications, and our pool heater contractor will guide you through them during your purchase. It includes;

  • 40 Main Time Delay Breaker
  • 50 Running Amps 32.8
  • Voltage 208-230 Phase 1 Hertz 60
  • Min/Max Flow Rate 30-70 Plumbing Size 2′′ Union
  • Flow Recommendation Fan Load Amperage 1.8 Fan Speed RPM 825 45 Fan Motors 1/3 HP
  • 7-Year Full Parts Warranty AHRI Testing Certification 6811346 (Florida Residents 2 Year Labor Warranty)

Pool Heater Pricing

At Tropical Supply LLC, we provide pool heaters equipment at different pricing. You can shop for pool heating products which range from 115K BTU to 140K BTU’S. The higher the number of BTUs, the higher the pricing. Our prices are flexible and can change at any time. The pricing is also sustainable to pay because it is affordable and fair, and you will achieve customer advantage. Contact us today for 24/7 services in Pool heater Auburndale, FL.

What Determines Our Pricing?

At Tropical Supply LLC, our prices are not rigid, and you will be satisfied by the quality of our Pool heater in Auburndale, FL. You should have the following knowledge on what determines our pricing.

  •   The heat strip, which ranges from 5KW heat strip free to 20K.
  •   The line is set with an option of 25 FT with armor flex to 50FT with armor flex which has additional pricing.
  •   The straight cool condenser also has a non-programmable linear excellent, programmable linear superior, non-programmable heat pump, and a WIFI thermostat with additional pricing.
  •   Installation accessories for the straight cool condenser.

At Tropical Supply LLC, our pool heaters come with a pan safety float switch, safety float switch, hurricane tie downs mastic gallon, locking caps, three silver tape, fab tape, heat pump risers 6”4 pack, plastic pad, half sheet duct board 1.5in, UV light 120v and UV light 24v.

Shop with us today at Tropical Supply LLC to also get another brand of products like TGM, Oxbox, straight split condenser, straight cool condenser, air handler, and many other categories of products.