Warranty Disclaimer

Tropical Supply LLC is a resale store, we are not the manufacture and we do not make the units, we also do not hold or carry any warranty parts in our store. We are the resale seller for homeowner and consumer to have the availability to purchase an air conditioning unit to the public. All our products are bought from the manufacture BRAND NEW; we do not sell used products. Tropical Supply is not responsible for defected item, we are available for hire to warranty out any defected parts on behalf of the customer in the event your licensed installer can not do so. This process has requirements before starting a claim and is a service for a fee to process these claims. Any shipping/freight cost is the responsibility of the customer, not the seller.

How does warranty work?

Customer must sign our sign our warranty process agreement.

We will submit all information collected by the customer, must be accurate to avoid claim denial, registration must be the original homeowner occupied residence. Installation MUST be done by a licensed installer/contractor to avoid warranty cancellation. All requirements collected will be submitted to the Manufacture to open a case. Once we receive the defect part from the customer, we will deliver it directly to the manufacture and swap out for a new part and ship this part to the customer. The customer has the option to pick up the part to avoid shipping/freight charges. Tropical Supply will pay the Manufacture the full cost of the part until the manufacture finalizes the claim as approved or denied. This process takes 30-60 days to be reviewed. Once approved the Manufacture will release funds back to Tropical Supply, and your card on file will be removed. Manufactures REQUIRES all defected part/s to be returned for inspection, this will determine a claim denial or approve, and they test the items as manufacture defect or installation error. In any case a claim is denied due to installation error, the customer will be charged the card on file for the cost of the defected part that is quoted on your invoice.

What are the warranty requirements?

Customer must fill out the warranty application and pay the warranty fee.

• Application fee also known as a handling fee. This price varies on the part, weight, and dimensions from $75-$250 NON-REFUNDABLE

• Defected part must be shipped to us before we are able to release the new part. Shipping cost must be paid before part is released and is also NON-REFUNDABLE.

• Must leave a card on file, defected part is inspected by the manufacture to review and finalize claim for approval or denial. If denied due to installation error, card on file will be charged for the full price of the part.

• Must submit Invoice of Installation from licensed installer. All warranties are canceled if not installed by a licensed contractor. These documents are required by the manufacture to process your claim.

You will receive an Invoice with all information including the expected price of the part, for any reason the claim is denied by the manufacture. There is a 3% credit card fee for all credit card transactions. Warranty application must be signed as acceptance for hire of service.

To start a claim please call (863)576-5413 or TEXT (863)242-3175 or by email at claims@tropicalsupply.us