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The Best Heat Pump Split System

What is a heat pump split system?

Heat pump split systems are entirely powered by electricity, with separate components working together to produce heating and cooling. If you need assistance shopping for a heat pump split system for your project, then call Tropical Supply LLC to chat with a customer service representative who can recommend the most suitable heat pump for your application.

What do we provide?

At Tropical Supply LLC, we are here to provide high-quality, efficient heat pump split systems of different types and pricing. At LLC, we ensure that our pump split system is categorized in terms of price, popularity, ratings and if the pump split system is the latest design.

Pump Split System Pricing

We ensure that our pricing will fulfill customer satisfaction and that our products are shipped for free to the final destination. Our prices are fair and affordable, and we provide security in customers’ sustainable environment. Our fees range from high to low or low to high depending on which pump split system our customers need. We offer the following pump split systems according to tons, to mention a few:

  • 3.5-ton 15 seer heat pump split system air handler & condenser with heat strip, which costs $3,595.00 and has different specifications. You will select an option of the heat strip you need, a line set, a thermostat, and installation accessories.
  • 4-ton 15.5 seer heat pump split system air handler & condenser with heat strip, which costs $3,775.00. It also has different specifications and installation accessories.
  • 3.5-ton 14 seer heat pump system ox box which costs $3,475.00
  • 4-ton 15.5 seer heat pump split system air handler & condenser with heat strip $3,775.00

Our Services

Heating and cooling service

At Tropical Supply LLC, we ensure that your plump heat system is certified by heating and cooling companies in Auburndale, Florida. We have expert technicians who are certified and receive ongoing training to ensure that they are the best at residential and commercial HVAC repair, replacement, ac repair Auburndale, FL, installation, and maintenance. Call on the professionals when you need an HVAC partner to achieve consistent comfort in your home or business. Who has trusted us with HVAC service in Auburndale, Florida?


At Tropical Supply, we ensure that your heat pump split system is maintained, and we offer repair services to ensure that it stays for a long time. Our technicians have expertise in HVAC repair in Auburndale, FL. If the heat pump split system is not repaired, it will still consume a significant amount of electricity each year, and it will cause your utility bills to increase. Improper sizing can also affect your heat pump’s life expectancy.

We are here to help with your purchase and offer sound-quality heat pump split systems to help you achieve a cost advantage. Also, contact us today for HVAC 24/7 services in Auburndale, FL.