Trained Technician

Specialty-Trained Technician in Central Florida

When AC develops a problem, it will always need a technician to repair it. In Florida, it’s almost mandatory for every household or office due to climatic conditions. Not every faulty AC needs a replacement. Some require a technician to repair them, and they will be functional again.

When getting an Air conditioner repair, you must ensure the technician you hire is trained, and at Tropical Supply Store, we have the most qualified technicians in Central Florida. We have technicians who have expertise in repairing various cooling systems, including window, air source, central, ductless and portable air conditioners. Here are some qualities that make our technicians highly trained in Central Florida.


Problem-solving abilities

Our technicians can identify what is wrong with your air conditioner. May it be the ac running constantly, not turning on, no cool air flowing in, hot air blowing out, or any other problem, our professionals can pinpoint it and come up with an air conditioner repair solution. Our technicians have the right tools, such as airflow meters, ohmmeters, and humidity recorders, which are required to repair your conditioners. They know how to use these tools to effectively improve your AC’s problem.

Communication skills

Communication is vital when it comes to getting a job well done. Our technicians have better communication skills and always explain to the clients what is wrong with the AC, what needs to be done, and why it must be done. They can answer any client’s questions and remain professional and courteous. For any client that needs step-to-step instruction, our technician can provide that in the best and most straightforward way for them to understand.

Time management and safety precautions

Our technicians are time conscious, and they respect your schedule. They will come to your location for the air conditioner repair at the agreed time without delays. They always show up at your doorstep in the proper attire for the job and ensure the safety of your loved ones, and This makes it convenient for the clients and other clients waiting to be served. Our technicians have gone through continual technical training, so they are aware of the hazards associated with the job and are equipped with the latest safety methods.

Strong work ethic

Our air conditioner repair services are 24/7, so our technicians are available anytime, especially during emergency servicing. They are certified by HVAC, and when you require HVAC services near me, our technicians get you covered. Our technicians work under any weather and still have a positive attitude throughout the job. Even in harsh conditions, they ensure that the job is correctly done.

Repairing your air conditioner saves you money, unlike if you replaced it. When having your air conditioner repaired, make sure you hire a technician who is an expert at their job to avoid further damage to your air conditioner and provide a short-lived solution. Having a knowledgeable technician who has better time management skills and communicates well makes your repair of the AC run smoothly.