The Tropic Difference

“Do the Right Thing” Business Mantra

As an independently-owned, family-run business, we doot manage to Wall Street expectations. Public shareholders doot govern our decision-making process. Our board meetings take place over soup between a father and son who believe our success will continue if we do the right thing by our customers, suppliers and team members. It’sot rocket science – but it is hard to find in an industry dominated by publicly traded companies.


Experience & Expertise

Our leadership, backed by over 60+ years of industry experience in the HVAC/R industry in Florida, has remained unchanged since we opened our doors in 1973. Our stability and reliability offers our contractors, suppliers and team members peace of mind of knowing we will continue to support them for many years to come.


Lightning-Fast Decision Making Process

We areot bogged down by red tape or 100-paged policy manuals when it comes to making decisions. All of our team members are empowered to make financially responsible, ethical decisions designed to win your trust and build lasting relationships. If additional assistance iseeded, our leadership team is easily accessible, ensuring you can get back to the business at hand with the peace of mind of knowing you have our support.


Industry Support

Our business was started with industry support in the forefront of our minds. We continue to play an active role in a wide variety of contractor organizations as a demonstration of this commitment. In addition, we pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive training schedule in the industry. Every year, we host hundreds of training classes across the state of Florida on a wide variety of topics, from technical hands-on training courses to business-building workshops…99% of which are free to attend!

Refrigeration Mindset

We started serving theeeds of refrigeration contractors, whoeeded 24/7 access and an expert counter sales team to respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently. Now HVAC contractors can enjoy the same level of superior service – supportot easily found in this segment of the industry.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery to both job sites and shops… by our own fleet and team, ensuring you receive your order where and when youeed it!

Customized Support to Help You Grow Your Business

We understand that one size doesot fit all when it comes to designing programs and services to support a contractor’s growth. We offer a wide variety of programs and services – all of which can be customized to meet your individualeeds.