Our Team

Our Team

Our Passion – Doing the Right Thing

Our leadership team is made up of good people who are passionate about doing the right thing by our customers, team members and suppliers. This passion is theumber one driver behind all of our decision making, enabling us to keep our customers’, team members’ and suppliers’ best interests in the forefront of our minds at all times. And while our team is charged with making financially sound decisions, we believe theumbers will take care of themselves when we simply do the right thing.

Leading By Example

Our leaders are our also our core value champions, dedicated to ensuring our team remains focused on demonstrating the behaviors that set us apart– building long-lasting relationships based on trust, following through on promises, having a positive attitude, acting with integrity, and treating people with respect and humility.


Drawing from Experience

Representing the fields of sales, marketing, operations, information technology and human resources, our team leverages both their broad experience and expertise to develop customer-focused strategies designed to foster our continued growth.