Export Expertise You Can Rely On,

Integrity You Will Respect

What makes our Export Team special? While we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience in both the export industry and HVACR distribution, what really sets us apart is the way we do business. As a family-owned wholesaler, we areot measured by Wall Street expectations. Our definition of success doesot revolve around earnings per share but rather the ability to accommodate and exceed our customers’ uniqueeeds and expectations. What can you expect from Tropic Supply? Here are just a few of the reasons our customers continue to partner with us for their exporteeds.

Core Values In Action

Tropic Supply was founded in humble beginnings. Our growth and success is due in large part to our unwavering dedication to earning our customers’ trust by treating them with respect and humility. We consider our customers a part of our family. Trust, relationships, positive attitude, integrity and consideration are more than just words on paper. They are values that are demonstrated daily by every member of the Tropic Supply team.


Know How That Will Save You Time And Money

There iso room for error in the world of export. We understand the important of accuracy. Backed by over 70 years of experience combined, our export team will ensure delivery of the right product for the right application…every time.


Speed and Flexibility

We understand that delivery speed is crucial when it comes to exported equipment and parts. As a result, you willever find us dragging our feet. Our dedicated export team will respond to quote requests within twenty-four hours and orders can be shipped equally fast. In addition, our fleet of drivers can deliver directly to your freight forwarder for your convenience. We also have drop-shipment capability. Have a special request oreed? Don’t hesitate to ask. We’re are happy to accommodate!

Inventory, Inventory, Inventory

While delivery speed is important, having the product in stock is paramount. As an independently-owned business, we areot obligated to evaluate inventory by turns. Instead, we are committed to having the right product in the right place at the right time…expediting the order fulfillment process exponentially!



Knowledge is power. It ensures customer satisfaction and can be a competitive advantage. As a result, our export team organizes periodic export seminars that demonstrate the latest technological advances and provide hands-on training.


Ease of Communication

To ensureothing gets lost in the translation, our multilingual team can communicate in English, Spanish, Italian and French.


Global Reach

Whether youeed HVAC/R products and supplies in the Caribbean, South or Central America or anywhere else across the globe, our export team will ensure you get what youeed where youeed it.


Third-Party Export Partnerships

Looking to source HVAC or refrigeration equipment and/or supplies on behalf of your existing customer base? You can rely on our export team to protect the relationships you have built over time. Leveraging a combination of shipping containers witho outer markings and generic or private-labeled packing slips, your shipment will appear as if it was shipped directly by you.