Core Values

A Place You Can Call Home

ce we opened our doors. We want to take this opportunity to share our core values with you – as they represent the unwavering and unchanging guide we use to run our business. Whether you live and work in Tallahassee or South Miami, you can expect all of our team members to demonstrate the character traits listed below.


We earn trust by consistently providing resourceful and reliable solutions. We know that trust isot earned in a day. It is a process, and an investment in time we are all willing to make. When we make decisions, we have our customers’ best interests in mind. All of our team members constantly ask themselves: “How can I help my customers do their best?”



We manage relationships,ot transactions. Our customers areotumbers on a balance sheet, they are members of our family. We are committed to developing our long-term mutual growth and the strategies we can employ to get there together.


Own It

Each of us is accountable the whole way through. We don’t pass the buck – you can rely on us to work together as a team to finish projects and resolve issues – regardless of whether orot the task is listed in our job description.


Positive Attitude

We believe happy people ensure a positive experience. You can look forward to being greeted by a cheerful smile and helpful attitude at all of our resource center locations./p>


How we do business is as important as the business we do. We believe in doing the right thing, especially wheno one is watching.



We treat people with respect and humility. All of our customers are important to us, regardless of their size. All of our team members play an important part in our success, regardless of their role. Humility is the driver behind all of our interactions.


To ensure our core values remain top of mind among our team, we created a company-wide Shout Out! program that recognizes team members who demonstrate core values in action. All of our team members are encouraged toominate their colleagues for this unique and valuable award. Nominations are reviewed monthly, and winners receive a gift that is personal to them. Examples of rewards include a leather motorcycle jacket, an iPad, a Pandora bracelet, soft-sided Jeep doors and a freshwater fish tank (including the fish!), just toame a few.